Elite Services

Elite Property Management offers select services for the guests staying at the properties we manage.

Please take some time to browse through them.


As part of your service charge, you
will have access to a 24/7 concierge service. Our associates will be available to assist you in any way, for example health issues, technical support for your accommodation, problem resolution, recommendations for food & drink etc.

Health Care

In cooperation with Zante Medical Care,
we offer our guests high quality health care.
Zante Medical care covers all your needs
(emergency or not) throughout the island.
For more please see this file.

Water Park

Have fun at the Zante Water Village with coupon for 30 euro for a week for adults (20 euro for children under 12).

Swimming Lessons

Vera is a physical education graduate, a swim coach, a lifeguard and is working on her Phd on child development through exercise. She has multiple years of experience in teaching swimming and training athletes. She is the most qualified person on the island to help you (or your little ones) learn or improve your swimming skills, either at a pool or in the open water.


Ioannis is a freediving instructor with the Apnea Academy school for the instruction and research of freediving. He is also certified in advanced first aid a trained lifeguard. Join him to learn about the fascinating underwater world – and about yourself – like never before. He can also take you snorkeling to explore the beautiful caves and features of the island.

Breathing & Relaxation

Join our freediving instructor Ioannis for a relaxing time learning how to breathe properly using techniques from freediving and pranayama. You will explore your body anew and find new ways to be at peace and handle stress during your hectic daily life back home.

Personal Training

Vera and Vassilis are both qualified and experienced personal trainers, they both have extensive experience working in gyms and doing personal training and both have degrees in Physical Education. They can help you train either at your local gym or at your accommodation. Personal and small group lessons are available.

Moto/car Rental

Find the right vehicle at the right price. Should you need a vehicle for your holidays, rent with us and pay less. We are partnered with MotorClub, you can find a rental for your stay here.

VIP Services

For our select guests, we offer private daily sailboat tours with a freediving instructor guide, private car tours of the island, helicopter rentals etc.